Traveling to our first workamping job!


We finally made it! Over four years of planning and saving and we drove into Montana to start our first workamping job in West Yellowstone this week. We will officially start our jobs on the 25th. Most businesses are still closed here due to Covid-19 but they expect things to be opening up soon. Because of the restrictions due to the virus, we were unable to do much exploring at most of the stops we made on the trip but we were able to do self guided tours. More to come on those stops soon.

Before we left, we estimated our cost for traveling and we ended up pretty close to our estimate. Gas prices were much lower most of the way but because we couldn't stay at COE or state parks we paid higher prices for camping than we had anticipated. We took a total of 12 days traveling from North Florida to West Yellowstone so we were able to have a few rest days with no driving. With our stops, we drove about 2800 miles.

Here are the costs for gas and camping on the way out.           Gas - $522                                                                                                     RV Hookups - $402