Mill Creek Preserve

The Mill Creek Preserve is a 1230 acre conservation area in Alachua County, Florida with over 5 miles of hiking trails. We hiked the yellow to orange trail which was 3.3 miles. This was a mostly covered trail with lots of markers to identify the trees. There was a short time where we walked in the direct sunlight so be sure to take a hat. We missed the turn from the yellow trail to the orange and had to backtrack so make sure to watch for the orange blazes.

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Maps and trail descriptions are posted at the trailhead.

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The yellow trail was an easy walk with lots of tree coverage most of the way.

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There were several resting benches along the way.

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This covered bench was on the part of the trail that was sunny.

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We heard bird songs all along the trail!

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We walked slightly off the trail to see if this was a karst window but it seemed a bit mucky for that.

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I love all the markers identifying trees! This is one you didn’t want to have to find when you were in trouble with mama.

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What a joy to come across this amazing bridge in the middle of the forest!

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This preserve includes the southernmost forest of American Beech Trees.

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There were lots of ferns along the forest floor and living in trees.

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This is the view from a reflecting bench along the way.

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Another metal bridge across the creek.

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The moss created a beautiful walkway on the orange trail.

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