Ravine Gardens State Park

Ravine Gardens State Park is in Palatka, Florida about 45 minutes east of Gainesville. The park has two ravines and formal gardens. We hiked the strenuous Azalea Trail in and out of the ravines. This was very steep at points so be prepared for lots of climbing and stairs. We did find a couple of spots on the trail where it was confusing which way to go so make sure to look for the red blazes on the trees. There is also a paved walkway the view the gardens without having to climb in and out of the ravines.

One of three suspension bridges in the park.
This set of stairs led to a clear creek.
Jared walked down to take a closer look at the creek.
There are so many beautiful plants and trees in the park but the Azaleas seem to be dominant. We saw them in pink, purple, red and white.
Quite a bit of the trail was blooming when we were there March 2019.
Another suspension bridge leading across the ravine.
Before you hit the trails, there is a lovely garden and fountain area.