Tombstone, Arizona

Of course we had to visit Tombstone while we were staying in Tucson. One of my very favorite movies of all time, I have seen the Kurt Russell version probably 100 times and was able to watch it on the big screen while I ate a veggie burger at Doc Holliday's Saloon! The reenactment at the OK Corral is a must see and is about $10 for an adult. The Tombstone Brewery is just down the road from the courthouse and had quite a few options to try.

Saguaro National Park

Loma Verde Trail at Saguaro National Park East

This hike was on the east side of Tucson and was just under 4 miles. It was early November and we felt overwhelmed by the heat at the end of the hike. Definitely go early in the day. There were so many different cactus varieties and tons of huge Saguaro.